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Premise: Arya stayed with the Brotherhood Without Banners. The turning point is when she ran away and into the Hound's clutches.

> Did not run as far the night she was captured in OU. She stopped closer to the barn and kicked up a fury when the Hound snuck up on her, which was roughly when Harwin caught up to her. A major fight ensued. Harwin was seriously injured. Dondarrion, Thoros, Anguy, and Lem were the primary forces behind fighting off the Hound, this time hanging him for his crimes.

> With the Hound dead, Lem acquired the trademark snarling hound’s head helm.

> Arya is overcome with guilt that she is the reason Harwin was so injured. She stays by his side as Thoros nurses him back to health. Other Brotherhood members go off on a “lion hunt” shortly afterward.

AGE 11 - 12

> The Red Wedding happens.

> As the Red Wedding was happening: In an attempt to keep Arya safe and give her, Gendry, and Harwin a safer assignment, said trio is given the task of taking the orphans hiding in the underground to the Inn at the Crossroads. Friends of the Brotherhood are still there.

> Arya, Gendry, and Harwin arrive at the Inn with the orphans in tow.

> Arya pulls her mother's corpse out of the river while warged into Nymeria during a dream.

> Some time later, the Tickler, Polliver, and their squire barge into the Inn, demanding food and ale. Harwin tries to defend Arya and the kids; he kills Polliver, but reopens his wounds and gets kicked when he's down by the Tickler. Arya sees red and hauls off, attacking the torturer. Gendry and Harwin manage to drag her away from the Tickler's horribly mutilated corpse. It takes both of them to do it and even then, she nearly slips away from them to keep stabbing.

> Word comes in that Lord Beric is finally dead for good. Lady Stoneheart is named new head of the Brotherhood. Anguy and Tom insist that Arya come along to see her.

> Arya and Harwin leave the Inn with Gendry and travel back to the meeting place. Arya is part terrified when she sees Lady Stoneheart, but more overjoyed that her mother isn't entirely gone. Orders are given to take her back to the Inn to be kept safe. This time, Arya doesn't chafe at it so badly, although she tries to stay with her mom. Stoneheart is bent on vengeance, though, and wants her daughter out of the way of direct danger.

> Back at the Inn at the Crossroads (many months later)... It’s just Arya and Gendry and a bunch of orphans. One day, they are surrounded by wolf pack from the seventh level of hell. Arya walks out of the Inn, drawn by the howls and barking; Gendry follows, intent on trying to drag her back inside, snapping at her that she’s mental. Eventually, a monstrous wolf comes out of the treeline. Arya recognizes her direwolf immediately. Nymeria comes padding forward, sniffing at Arya like she's going out of style, and then throws back her head and howls. Arya howls back. Gendry is thoroughly weirded out. +1 Direwolf.

> Word comes down from King's Landing that Sansa is missing. Stoneheart gets crazier. Arya starting to be afraid, but more afraid of losing her mother again. She bites her lip, and says nothing.

> (Again, months later...) Brienne arrives with priest, Dog, Ser Haigh, and Podrick. Arya and Gendry are horribly suspicious of the lot of them. Both of them slip out at dinner to talk about what to do with these crazyasses in their dining room. Brienne comes out to talk with them, asking about “a fair maiden of three-and-ten," and Arya's guard goes up even more. She starts drilling Brienne, but doesn't trust her, and gets so fired up at one point that Nymeria comes bounding up from the stables, snarling. Brienne recognizes that this is one of the girls she’s been hunting for and tells the full truth. Arya is shown Oathkeeper, and is told that it used to be Ice. This seals her trust. She takes in Brienne as part of the pack...

> ... And Rorge, Biter, and Lem appear. The two murderers are new recruits to the Brotherhood. Arya recognizes them right away, as does Gendry. Arya sparks a fight, slinging insults at Rorge. Rorge threatens her with his usual threats of rape and dismemberment. Brienne steps in to defend her just as Nymeria lunges and chomps down on Rorge's leg. Brienne stabs Rorge through the heart with Oathkeeper. It’s at this point that it all goes to Hell.

> Lem and Biter both lunge at once. Nymeria mauls Lem while Brienne takes on Biter. Gendry tries to keep Arya out of the way, but once Biter overpowers Brienne and starts trying to eat her, both of them jump into action. Biter is killed either by Gendry's sword through his head or Arya's Needle through his heart, though it’s hard to tell which.

> Brienne is terribly injured, and also delirious from infected bites. Arya feels betrayed when she hears Brienne calling out for Jaime while unconscious, thinking she's been lied to. She sides with Anguy when it's proposed they take her back to Lady Stoneheart for judgment. Gendry stays behind at the Inn, feeling like all of this is too much for a bastard boy from Flea Bottom to get tangled up into.

> They take a trip back to the underground. Brienne awakens once they arrive. Thoros tends to her. Arya comes in while Thoros is getting food, and demands the truth from Brienne at wolfpoint. She is convinced when Nymeria doesn't snarl or anything. She promises to tell Stoneheart so that Brienne can go and save her sister.

> Brienne's trial. Stoneheart still reacts the same way, even with Arya's protests. Brienne, Ser Haigh, and Podrick are hanged. At last second possible, Brienne swears her sword to Stoneheart. She and Pod are cut down in time, but not Ser Haigh. Arya challenges Stoneheart over her decision, and is surprised when several of the men voice their support of her challenge. Stoneheart ignores all of this.

> Split in the Brotherhood. Thoros, Anguy, Harwin, and Arya (among others) side against Stoneheart. Crazier Brothers side with Stoneheart.

AGE 13

> Arya realizes what has to be done once Stoneheart starts hissing commands to hang everyone opposing her; she begs the old gods for forgiveness, then drives Needle home into one stony heart. When she does so, the words float into her head: "With the pointy end." Arya finds herself laughing and sobbing all at once. Begin mental breakdown.

> Command of the Brotherhood goes to Thoros. Stoneheart's followers disband out across the riverlands. Some Brothers are not sure what to do with Arya; Thoros promises to make a decision later when things have cooled off, and sends Arya back to the Inn again with Harwin.

> Thoros keeps putting off the decision until everyone just assumes one has been made. Arya is left to stay at the Inn. She withdraws from everyone for a while, staring off into space. Harwin sits with her for hours at a time for support. Gendry tries to help, but can't figure out what to say, so he keeps going and frustratedly pounding on swords.

> Winter comes and snaps Arya out of her haze as it becomes painfully obvious that there is simply not enough food for the winter for all the orphans. Hard decision time. She and Nymeria go hunting for meat while the kids try to get in the last harvest, or what's left of it.

AGE 14

> Winter grows worse. The weakest kids begin to starve. Harwin takes some and goes south for Highgarden to try to find some food. Gendry insists that they should head to Riverrun (it’s closest), but Arya knows there isn't any food there. Arya proposes heading to the Wall, as word has reached them that Lord Commander Snow has managed to drum up food enough for his men and some refugees. Gendry and some of the orphans resist this idea for a while (why go north in winter?), but the wisdom of it becomes apparent rather quickly, since there’s nothing to eat.

> Arya, Gendry, and a handful of orphans head for Saltpans to go to the Wall. Arya once again has to part with Nymeria, telling her to make her way to Ghost. No shipmaster would take a direwolf on board, but she's trying to keep her identity a secret anyway. Arya goes by the name Beth, Gendry adopts the name Lommy.

> Winter storms blow the ship off-course. They get stranded in a dock which supplies the Eyrie for a while. More orphans die of cold or hunger. Arya and Gendry both forgo food to keep the others fed. Both of them grow weaker.

> Storms subside slightly. They take a ship for Eastwatch and arrive more than half dead from hunger. Eastwatch is a surprising bounty of food, though (at least compared to what they've been through), and Arya and Gendry both start to nurse themselves back to health.

AGE 15

> Arya tries to take the black along with Gendry. She puts up a hell of a fight when Cotter Pyke tries to dissuade her. It gets to the point that her demands to speak with the Lord Commander actually get her somewhere.

> Arya meets Jon again. He's not in the best shape after an assassination attempt a couple years earlier, but still sharp in mind and able enough physically. It's an emotional reunion, obviously. Jon convinces Arya that she doesn't have to take the black - and even allows Gendry the same, as long as both of them pull their weight helping along the Wall. Both take the offer readily.

> Winter worsens even more. Word arrives at the Wall that Stannis Baratheon has frozen to death in a march against the Boltons.

> Gendry forges Arya a new bravo’s blade, since she’s growing too big for Needle to be as much use. She names it Fang.

> Nymeria appears one day along with Rickon, Shaggydog, and Davos Seaworth. Nymeria is dangerously thin, but still so strong that it defies logic. Arya nurses her back to her fighting weight with no small amount of help from Rickon and Shaggydog. And Ghost, of course.

> The Others arrive at the Wall in force. Between Wildlings, Stannis's remaining men, Melisandre, and refugees who sought out the Wall for food and shelter, it's better manned than might be expected, but still in a very precarious position. Fighting goes all night, every night, and nights continue to grow longer and longer.

> As the Others attack from the north, Ramsay Bolton and his army arrive at the Wall from the south. There are fairly heavy casualties on the first day of fighting, but once night falls, so does the Bolton army. The number of wights drastically increases due to this.

> Samwell Tarly arrives back at the Wall, armed with quite a lot of obsidian. The tide of battle seems to change.

AGE 16

> The tide changes again when the Endless Night begins. People begin to freeze to death in large numbers. Fires to burn the dead double as repellents against the Others. There is no lack of fuel in the way of dead bodies.

> The dragonglass arrowheads run out. Hope diminishes. Those survivors remaining vow to keep fighting until they can't anymore, which doesn't seem like it will be very long.

Physical Differences
Obviously, she's older. Derp. She's grown into her looks and now strongly resembles Lyanna. Not much taller; stands at 5'2". Still scrawny. Tends to keep her hair in a simple braid, more or less to keep it out of her way. Her grey eyes are still a window to an angry and vengeful soul, but she's much happier after spending years with her brothers and Gendry and the wolves. She's a Stark through and through, though she's fond of adopting fake names when she wants to get away from it all.

Arya tends to favor dressing practically, especially after her time on the Wall. Everything she owns is thick, fur-lined, and multi-layered. Her favorite possession (aside from her weapons/direwolf) is a pair of thick gloves made of supple leather which still allow for nimble finger movement but also trap in warmth.

Underneath all those layers, her body is a network of scars. Frostbite has claimed three of her toes - two on the left foot and one on the right. She's also lost the pinkie finger off her right hand to frostbite. There's a nasty burn on her left arm where a sleeve once caught flame during the war against the Others. There are blackened fingermarks around her left wrist where an Other grabbed her once. Aside from that, several stab, slash, and arrow wounds from the war.

She is also a walking arsenal. More below.

> A new bravo's blade that hangs from her right hip. It was forged for her by Gendry when she outgrew Needle. She's named it Fang. The detail that went into the blade is surprising, especially considering what little time Gendry had to make the damned thing during the attacks on the Wall, but the hilt is in the shape of a direwolf. It's smaller than the average bravo blade so that it fits her better. Not all that fancy aside from the wolf hilt; just "castle" forged steel, if Castle Black still counts.
> Needle, which she still has and still keeps deadly sharp. It's just by her bed now for quick and easy use in emergencies.
> A brace of obsidian daggers which hang from her left hip.
> A quiver, half full of obsidian-tipped arrows, the other half full of basic steel-tipped arrows.
> A weirwood bow, usually slung over her right shoulder. A lucky find on one of the wights; Arya stole it for herself before setting the dead thing aflame.
> Nymeria. (She counts.)

Warg Ability
Arya has gotten rather good at warging, although she's nowhere near Bran's level. Aside from Nymeria, she also manages to warg into: a raven at the Wall, her horse, and several cats. It's mostly subconscious, usually in dreams, but she can exercise some intentional warg ability if she really puts her mind to it.


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